why profiniti?

profiniti systems has established itself as a key player in the offshoring arena with the rare advantage of having both a practitioner’s
domain expertise and astute business proficiency.
we engineer business solutions that address our customers pain areas and couple this skill with a robust offshore delivery infrastructure
and quality process maturity. converged focus of the top management and flexibility in relationship is part of every strategic
partnership we embark on.
best of breed talent, paired with global and multicultural flavor, makes us a versatile organization

maximising client-relationships and minimising business risks:
profiniti works in a highly collaborative manner, characterized by flexibility to continuous changes.
profiniti standards meets aforesaid and further minimizes customer business risks by,

1. understanding a client's domain knowledge & building long term relationships with them.
2. responsiveness and eagerness to establish a long term relationship.
3. easy adjustment to new requirements.
4. transform “one line requirements” to in-depth specification by our analysis team
5. process visibility and high interaction between a customer and a team.
6. technical infrastructure with robust hardware and up-to-date software as we are a microsoft certified partner.
7. exceptional project management including scheduling, conforming to functional requirements and keeping the client informed of all major
events leading to a well informed and satisfied client.
8. excellent communication.
9. reduced project development time frames.
10. deliver quality products with powerful bug tracking systems. immaculate testing including ui testing, performance testing, regression testing, functionality testing and finally certificated by our testing team.
11. profiniti has a large number of experienced engineers, with varied knowledge pool, working under the same roof. this ensures that
technical solutions are always available for any problem.
12. profiniti has successfully perfected the art of working from india remotely on projects.

complete solution at one stop: clients can order the services with a single access point: from software development, design of
distribution packages with application installation to a technical support and maintenance.
such a "one-stop" service provided by profiniti,
1. releases the customer from additional product-related costs.
2. saves time.
3. allows establishing a long-term partnership.

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