profiniti follows meticulously planned processes to ensure a quality product within the specified time. the various processes followed at profiniti include:

we believe that open communication within the team and customer is the most important factor in ensuring the success of the project. we keep our customers updated on the project and strive for a trusted-advisor relationship. staged deliveries, weekly status reports, customer log-in into the development server ensure that you and our team is always on a touch base. for products that invariably have ever changing requirements, we follow agile methodology that comprises daily scrums and discussions with the client.

version control 
for multi-user development projects, profiniti uses cvs and vss as version control tools.

knowledge management:
profiniti realizes the power of knowledge management and uses it in the organization so that every problem is solved only once. knowledge management leverages our intellectual capital and minimizes reinvention and knowledge evaporation by efficiently managing the best practices for creative working environment.profiniti uses sophisticated knowledge management tools to create and retain its intellectual property.

profiniti gives a lot of emphasis on documentation of its products and processes. this includes design documents, code documentation, quality assurance documentation and user manuals. we understand that good documentation in a software product goes a long way in maintaining the product.

bug management:
profiniti uses bugzilla, a comprehensive bug management tool, to report and track bugs during the entire project development and quality assurance phase. our bug management practices help us:
       5   improve communication between the development and qa team
       4   increase product quality
       3   improve customer satisfaction
       2   ensure accountability
       1   increase productivity

reusable frameworks:
with the long experience profiniti has had in developing it solutions on a diverse set of technologies, we have developed reusable frameworks that slash development time considerably. these ready-to-deploy frameworks form an integral part of our delivery model, providing our clients with critical cost and time advantages.

risk management: 
profiniti understands that each product has some associated risks. we identify the risks for each product and create risk mitigation plans to counter them. we emphasize on the following risks:
       5   communication risk
       4   technology risk
       3   resource risk
       2   schedule & financial risk
       1   change management risk

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