application services:

profiniti's range of software application services helps customers invest more strategically and work more efficiently from it investment.
application management services helps organizations turn the challenges into benefits. we have helped clients address key issues, such as balancing cost, complexity, and capacity for all the areas of the application life cycle, be it development, enhancement, maintenance or support for a comprehensive range of application areas.
application development services provided under our application development portfolio are:
* customized application design, development, and implementation
* systems integration/consolidation
* re-engineering, performance tuning, and porting services
* implementation of packages
* feasibility and requirement analysis for business case
re-engineering and migration solutions of profiniti provide strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tools that help clients re-engineer, rather than replace their existing legacy systems to keep pace with evolving business and technology requirements. we have extensive experience in transitioning old systems to newer technologies.
testing solutions of profiniti helps with critical aspects of clients' systems, such as planning, process control, performance metrics, test automation,
test execution, defect tracking, and reporting.

 case study

want to find out about the type of work that profiniti people do? here are just a few case studies that provide some insight into profiniti projects

usability engineering:
ui design/ redesign: architecting productive user interfaces for business applications by using a radically different business process driven approach.

proof of concept: provides customers with substantial proof of it value by re-architecting the ui for certain key tasks and projecting metrics like user productivity. it would explain the business value and benefits.

ui evaluation: review of the user interface by experts for problems at architecture and/or screen level. the evaluation report would answer important questions like “does the user interface allow users to complete tasks quickly?” and “does the business have to spend on user-training programs to make the workforce ready to use the application?” the report would include next-steps based on the findings and in the context of business goals for that application. heuristic evaluation and usability testing are some of the methods used for evaluation.

usability testing: usability testing is performed on the application/prototype and ui metrics like user productivity and roi projection are measured. profiniti has a fully equipped testing facility. the group performs both onsite and remote testing.

quality assurance and testing:
profiniti is committed to providing the highest quality and best performing solutions that can be found. all of the products, applications and services we develop or provide are rigorously tested and evaluated to guarantee our clients satisfaction with the quality of design and implementation.
test automation is the key to implement faster test cycles by automatically executing a suite of tests using an automated test tool. our test automation services includes definition and implementation of test automation strategy covering selection of appropriate test tools, identification of test scenarios to be automated, test environment set up, and automation implementation and maintenance.
test automation services:
* tool acquisition
* building automation framework
* development of test automation packs
* consultancy based recommendation of appropriate automation tools (qtp, testpartner, open source tools)
other testing services include specialized and functional testing to validate an application and conform to its specifications to meet its expected functional requirements.


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