health care:
the healthcare industry worldwide is witnessing rapid changes. while the pharmaceutical segment continues to be affected by the increase in the number of new chemical entities per r&d dollar spent, the medical devices segment is moving towards open standards, interoperability, informatics and electronic patient records. healthcare providers and payers are contending with complex industry regulations, increasing costs and declining reimbursements. all these changes are driving improvements in it and process effectiveness. consolidation, escalating service levels and diminishing margins are also spurring payers to outsource claims processing and related functions.

we offer the following it competencies in the healthcare industry: enterprise application integration using service oriented architecture portal design/migration, content management, usability and security application portfolio management application maintenance and testing business activity monitoring and business intelligence more.
we have developed applications for our client in the following process of health sector;
* patient details procuring - the clinical users register new patients for therapy, record patient data, create orders for medications, submit them for approval and start therapy on receiving approval.
* patient scheduling and interoperability - client's office would schedule, track and manage patient appointments.
* order procuring - the clinical office would prepare, procure and dispense drugs to the patients serviced at that site.
* claims processing - the business process involves verification and validation of claims against a set of predefined validation criteria, and will be sent to the insurance company.

 case study

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