india advantage
5  faster and better communication
5  cost effective services
5  the advent of globalization
5  time zone advantages
5  the "new" india
5  human resources
5  high quality services

india has become the world's outsourcing hub and has become the most ideal place for offshore outsourcing.
the development in communication and technology has broken down barriers.
there are no longer any barriers between countries and this has made job outsourcing to india possible

faster and better communication:
advancements in calling, emailing and chatting have made communication throughout the course of a project easy.
distance is no longer a barrier between two organizations, no matter where in the world the organizations are located.
organizations in india can send the completed work to organizations in the us for reviewing many times and work can go back
and forth with ease. this is yet another reason why job outsourcing to india has become an ideal choice for outsourcers.

cost effective services:
the numero uno reason why global organizations outsource to india is because india offers cost-effective services. outsourcing to
india can help you save more than half of your operating costs! india has a large, educated, trained and technically skilled manpower
and this number only keeps growing every year. unlike the west, where technical talent is rare, india has a large pool of highly-skilled professionals.
having a large technically skilled manpower has enabled india to provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality.
outsourcing to india, can help you save on your operating costs, while increasing your productivity, quality and efficiency..

the advent of globalization:
globalization has also broken down trade barriers, cultural barriers, language barriers etc and the relationship between countries has improved.
the world has become a much smaller slace with no boundaries and no distinction between countries. with these advantages, job outsourcing
has been on the rise.

time zone advantages:
for india, this is a major advantage as jobs sent during the evening in usa can be completed in india during the day and sent back
to the client in usa. this has increased delivery time and global clients are happy about this. the time zone advantage - 12 hours
with us & 5 hours with europe- which enables india to offer 24x7 service and reduction in turnaround times .

the "new" india:
india has celebrated more than 60 years of democracy and has one of the world’s most stable governments. building up the it sector
has been a top priority for the indian government.
india has a ministry of information technology that quickly approves the implementation of it projects and streamlines regulatory processes.
the indian government has even released a bill termed as the “it act 2000” india has been rated to have the most excellent investment potential
in the coming years. the indian government has given complete support to the it and ites industry in india. with ample support from the government, indians have been able to build high-tech it parks which has the best in technology and infrastructure. the indian government has even permitted
100% foreign equity. india’s fast growing economy has been yet another reason why companies are outsourcing to india. with democracy, support
from the government, more freedom for businesses, lesser interest rates, india has become a more ideal place for job outsourcing.

human resources:
india's human resources are skilled, professional, highly-educated and talented. the large number of human resources has enabled
india cater to even large volumes of job outsourcing.
india can thus meet any need that job outsourcing offers with its readily available human resources.

high quality services:
india uses the latest in software, technology and infrastructure to provide global customers with high-quality outsourcing solutions.
india has proved that it is technically superior when compared to other countries that provide outsourcing solutions. so, when you
outsource your work to india, you can be assured that the best technology and softwarewould be used for your services. india has
the largest english-speaking audience after the u.s. india also has a highly educated manpower that is talented, educated, experienced,
technically-skilled and computer literate. outsource to india and be assured of high-quality services.

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