q. how do we communicate on a day to day basis?

a. you will be assigned a project manager or a business analyst who will be your single point of contact for all your needs/queries/schedules.
he or she will be your representative at profiniti. they will work with you on a day to day basis using one or more of the following communication mediums:
5 emails
5 chats
5 telephones

q. what is profiniti’s marketing process?
 our marketing process is as follows:
5 inquiry/clarifications (from potential client).
5 queries (from profiniti) if any.
5 query answers (from potential client).
5 quote/clarifications answers (from profiniti).
5 follow up (from profiniti) if any .
5 order (basic contract, purchase order, advance if any, specifications).

q. what is profiniti's development process?
  our development process is as follows:
5 requirements document (from client) .
5  systems study (at profiniti) .
5  high level design (from profiniti) .
5  module level design (from profiniti).
5  development (from profiniti).
5  deliverables (from profiniti).
5  project documentation (from profiniti).

q. what does profiniti require to send an estimate?
a. keeping in mind the concerns regarding information security, we have engineered our infrastructure so as to eliminate
all possible leak of information.
enterprise access system for employee login:
5 secure smart card, secure premises login .
5 network and windows login, pc 'locking' .
5 secure remote access (vpn) .
5 secure e-mail with digital signatures .
5 single sign on to enterprise and desktop applications.
secured vpn and network:
total secured cisco vpn tunnel to client, which blocks all peers to peep in
work station security:
wide security management with administrative auditing, reporting, and monitoring facilities which will secure data
at every stage .
workstations are secured individually by anti-virus protection and back-up drive manager

q. how does profiniti ensure client confidentiality?
a. we are committed to the security and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. we have set up a reliable
information security system with the sole aim of giving you a safe outsourcing experience with maximum benefits. furthermore, by not publishing details regarding our client projects without prior permission from the clients, we ensure that your information is safe in our hands.

q. how do we send our work to the clients?
a. we can communicate and transfer files through the internet. kindly send us a brief description or a document about your project requirement, during the initial stages of communication with you regarding your project requirement. if you want us to work on your server, we will need your remote desktop details.

q. do we provide a formal technical specification document?
a. our documentation includes software requirements specifications, use cases, high and low level descriptions and
in-line code commenting aimed at helping future programmersunderstand how the software was designed and constructed.

q. does profiniti provide technical support and maintenance?
yes. we provide 24/7 live technical support and application maintenance services on request during production. our technical supportand maintenance team not just works on bug fixing and trouble shooting, but also on enhancing existing applications, adding new content and upgrading applications with new technology.

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