systems is committed to deliver end-to-end it solutions and services to its customers worldwide. we integrate our vast experience across industry sectors with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer business-friendly solutions.

some of our innovative services and solutions include:
advanced technologies:
profiniti incubates and delivers services leveraging advanced microsoft technologies like dotnet framework 3.5, silverlight etc which are strategically important to organizations across multiple industries. these evolve from ongoing research and development with an ultimate goal of providing innovation-driven value to our customers.
profiniti focuses on creating innovative solutions, proofs of concepts (pocs), prototypes and frameworks around these emerging technologies through alliances with the best-of-breed technology vendors for rapidly growing business environment.
these fundamental advances enable customers to rapidly create connected applications that deliver the highest quality, rich user experiences regardless of project complexity or organization size

 case study

want to find out about the type of work that profiniti people do? here are just a few case studies that provide some insight into profiniti projects

enterprise resource planning:
profiniti-enterprise resource planning handles multiple companies, locations, users, strategic business units with reduced manual efforts and gets the maximum productivity within minimum time. profiniti-erp is best suitable for mid sized and large size enterprises having 200+ employees within the company and that can support all the major departments of an enterprise. to improvise your company productivity and performance profiniti-erp is the best solution which helps you to manage smallest to biggest task of an seamlessly integrates all the aspects of all major industries with state of art technology.
this ensures the continuous growth of the system in place along with your business. profiniti-erp is highly parameterized hence most of the requirements of your organization are satisfied however it can be customized to any extent considering all the peculiarities of your business, it means system adapts to your practices and not you.

features overview of erp:
* provides full range of business functions with a single integrated solution which is easy to implement and highly cost effective
in deployment as well as maintenance.
* business process re-engineering enabled & easily implemental erp
* modular product-any module can be implemented independently and later-on it can enhance and linked with other modules.
* rapid deployment as bulk of the solution is pre-configured covering most of the standard functionality.
* excellent online work-flow management.
* the web based solution makes it very easy to extend it to external and internal business partners spread across
geographical locations.
* very easy to maintain from a remote location.
* central repository of critical information for making knowledge based decision.
* highly configurable solution to meet diverse requirements.
* graphical user interface
* client-server technology
* n-tire architecture application
* object oriented technology

supply chain management:

technology strategy solutions include:
5  supply chain it audit: it effectiveness measurement and analysis
5  technology rationalization: supply chain portfolio analysis

operations consulting solutions include:
5  business process management
5  business-it alignment
5  supply chain functionality assessment

application integration and systems integration solutions include:
5  package evaluation/vendor selection
5  package implementation/upgrades/interfaces
5  custom solution development

application maintenance solutions include:
5  application sustenance
5  support/rollouts/enhancement

program management:
by ensuring accountability, managing resources effectively, and improving communication and business-it alignment, profiniti's program management reduces project risk while maximizing the value of it investments.

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